HTML5 Tags List

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HTML5 introduced many new tags. The HTML5 tags list is below:

Structural Tags

Structural tags are for defining the structure of the page. They’re all semantic and provides no formatting.

  • article – defines an article
  • aside – holds some content that’s loosely related to the page content
  • details – a widget from which user can get addition information or controls on demand
  • header – header of a document or section
  • hgroup – a group of headings
  • footer – a footer of a document or section
  • section – a section of a document
  • summary – summary for the details element

Form Tags

These tags are for form structure or controls.

  • datalist – a set of predefined options for an input element
  • keygen – a control for generating a public-private key pair
  • meter – a scalar measurement within a known range

Formatting Tags

These tags are for formatting page content,

  • bdi – text that’s isolated from the surrounding for the purpose of bidirectional text formatting
  • mark – text highlighted for reference purposes
  • output – represent the result of a calculation
  • progress – displays a completion progress of a task
  • rp – provides fallback parentheses for browsers that don’t support ruby annotations
  • rt – defines the pronunciation of characters presented in ruby annotations
  • ruby – defines ruby annotation for pronunciation
  • wbr – a line breaks opportunity

Embedded Content Tags

  • audio – lets us embed sound or audio stream in an HTML document
  • canvas – a region in a document which can be used to draw graphics on the fly
  • embed – embed external application like multimedia content into an HTML documentation
  • figcaption– defines caption or legend for a figure
  • figure – represents a figure as part of a document
  • source – alternative media sources for audio and video
  • time – represents a time or date
  • video – embeds video content in HTML documents

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