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How to Deep Watch Data in a Vue App

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There are a few ways to deep watch data in a Vue app.

We can add a deep watcher by writing:

watch: {
  item: {
       // do stuff
     deep: true

The most import part is the deep property. We must set it to true to enable deep watch on an object property.

We can create a computed property to return a value based on one or more values.

For example, we can write:

new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  computed: {
    foo() {
  data: {
    item: {
      foo: 'foo'

The foo computed property is computed by using the value of

We can reference the value as in our component code and write:

{{ foo }}

to reference it in the template.

We can also write:

   '': function (newVal, oldVal){
       // ...
   '': function(newVal, oldVal){
       // ...

Then we watch the value of and in our code.

newVal has the new value and oldVal has the old value of each property.

We can watch data in a few ways with Vue apps.

If we just need a value that’s derived from one or more other values, then we use computed properties.

Otherwise, we can use deep watchers.

By John Au-Yeung

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