More Ways to Make Money as a Developer

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Software is a skill that not everyone has, and it is a useful one. Therefore, it’s a skill that’s worth money.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some ways that we can make money as a developer using our skills.


We can use our experience to be a consultant for other businesses that need to implement some business systems.

The good thing about consulting is that we only need to worry about the high-level architecture of things and not have to worry about implementing it ourselves.

This is ideal for people that are tired of writing code every day and taxing our brains doing so.

It’s a breath of fresh air compared to looking at spaghetti code and hard to debug issues every day.

Also, it’s good for people that like to meet people since it’s the way to provide help in consulting is to meet people and listen to their needs.

It pays big potentially with less effort than being a developer in the short or long term.

To reach out to clients, we must build relationships with regular business meetings online or in persons.

Listening is also a very important skill since clients want us to listen to them so that we can give them solutions.

Audio or Video Podcast

We can use our development skills to teach others. If we’re making an audio podcast, then all we can do is talk.

However, it’s still a good way to talk about high-level stuff. As long as we aren’t trying to teach people how to write code, use libraries or frameworks or things like that, then audio podcasts are good.

If we’re trying to make tutorials, then we need to move to video. With today’s technology, anyone can shoot video with professional productional quality.

As we can see from video sites like YouTube, we see that many videos are as professional as television shows, except that there’re many more niche videos than on television.

On television, all we get are reality TV, dramas, and game shows, but online, we get useful tutorials for programming, cooking, and more.

We can make our own video tutorials online easily. Also, we can also make more entertaining videos as well.

Or we can make our tutorials entertaining.

Either way is a great way to build our personal brand. After posting the podcasts, be sure to post and promote them anywhere we can to gain exposure,

Otherwise, no one will know that our podcast exists and we won’t get much of an audience.

Online Shop

Another advantage of being a developer is that we can build an online shop from existing solutions or from scratch.

It’s better to build a shop using existing solutions so that we can gauge the interest of the public on what we’re selling before we get too far into it with coding.

Remember, coding the shop doesn’t make us money, so we shouldn’t spend all our time doing it if we want to make money.

If our shop takes off, then we can think about customizing it further or making our own online e-commerce system from scratch with our own code.

We can consider selling our own product that we can make for a low cost and sell for a high price.

Otherwise, we have to resell other people’s stuff, which means we need to pay for products upfront and hope that they sell.

There’s also drop-shipping, which we may want to consider. However, we should be aware that there’s lots of competition on that already since we don’t have to hold any inventory ourselves as drop shippers.

In any case, we have to promote it heavily and probably sell ads to promote our shop if we want to make money soon.


As developers, there’re lots of advantages. We can use our skills to become a consultant for other business. They can all use our technical knowledge to implement their business systems.

Also, audio and video podcasts are great mediums for us to share our programming insights to the world.

Finally, an online shop can also make us money if we promote it enough and gauge the interests of potential customers before making any big commitments.

By John Au-Yeung

Web developer specializing in React, Vue, and front end development.

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