Things You Need to Do to Become a Good Developer

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Being a developer is hard. Not only we have to know technical skills, but we also have lots of soft skills that we’ve to get good at.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways that we can all become greater programmers.

Problem Solving

Developers, like many kinds of occupations, are there’re to help people solve some problems.

Therefore, we should hone our problem-solving skills all the time so that w can solve them quickly and elegantly.

Strong problem-solving skills can help us solve any problem that we have at hand.

Pair Program

Pair programming is a great way for knowledge to be exchanged between people.

It’s much better than sitting alone and trying to figure something out without any help.

Also, it gives us a chance to chat with other people, which is nice. Otherwise, the work would be very boring.

Meet Like-Minded People

Like-minded people are people that we can talk to when we want to chat.

They understand us and what we’re doing, so we should meet more like-minded people so we won’t be so lonely. Also, we can ask them for help.

Delete Dead Branches in Our Repos

Dead branches just clutter up our repositories and slow us down when we try to check out code. Therefore, we should remove them so that we can get some speed again when we have repositories.

Learning Every Day

Computer things and software all change fast. Therefore, we need to be ahead of the curve so that we can use new useful things before anyone else.

That makes us more valuable than the competition since we know more than they do.

If we become experts in something, then the opportunities will come. Everyone needs computer and software experts nowadays that can help them.

Get Clear Requirements Before Starting Something

To avoid doing useless work, we should get clear requirements on everything before starting work on something.

This way, we won’t have issues to deal with. It’s just much easier not to have to do all the things we did and then have to throw them away and do them again.

It’s just not a pleasant experience at all.

Don’t Quit

We shouldn’t give up problems easily since most problems have some difficulty associated with it.

We’ll figure out the solution eventually with some help. We shouldn’t give up too easily.

Have Expert Knowledge in What We Do Regularly

We should know what we’re doing regularly as a developer inside out so we can solve problems more easily.

Also, we should be incrementally learning new things so that we can be ahead of the competition when it comes to gaining knowledge and using them.

The tools in our brains will help us so that we can work without looking things up all the time.

Listen to Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is good. They help us get ahead by giving us wisdom from people that give us the criticism,

They help us be wiser and grow faster.

Also, we should be open-minded and try different things. Don’t resist new things. Instead, we should learn them.

Nowadays, most of the things that are released are incremental changes from the previous ones since the great leaps forward are already in the past.

Now lots of technologies have matured and don’t need to change as frequently or as big as they did before.

So learning new things shouldn’t be as hard.

Present Things

More often than not, we have to present things sometimes. We have to learn how to present things well.

Keep our presentations short and to the point so that we won’t bore people.

Also, speak confidently and look at our audience so that we’re actually talking to them.

Our presentation slides shouldn’t be filled with lots of words. Instead, just put in a few words and put them in some pictures. Don’t overdo transition and animation effects.


We should learn to clean up our code. Also, we should always strive to become wiser by taking constructive criticisms to heart. This way, we’ll learn and become an expert faster.

Also, to win an audience, presenting things is the best opportunity to do it.

By John Au-Yeung

Web developer specializing in React, Vue, and front end development.

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