Tips to Attain Success as a Developer

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To be a good programmer, we should follow some easy to adopt habits to keep our programming career long-lasting.

In this article, we’ll look at some of them and how to adopt them.

Make it Work and Then Make Them Fast

If our stuff works but it’s too slow, then we have to make them fast enough so that users won’t be frustrated.

We can commit the code that works but slow, and then we optimize it what we have to make it faster.

Keep Some Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles aren’t only for chatting with friends. It also builds our brand in the online world.

There’s no better way to get opportunities now than to keep a public presence online.

As long as people see our profile and that we looking experts to the outside world, then opportunities will come online.

We got to get an audience by gaining followers and teaching people what we know.

People will appreciate the knowledge that we give even if millions of people have talked about the same topic.

Everyone has their own angle on things so we can always provide something unique to other people.

Also, we should follow people that we can learn from or are interested in looking at their insights or be entertained by what they post.

Asking Questions

Questions are always worth asking. When having something we don’t know and can’t find easily, we should ask them to get the answer faster than trying to find them ourselves.

Brainstorming Don’t Pay the Bills

We got to output things for customers to use so that they can be happy. Brainstorming isn’t going to help us much.

So we shouldn’t take too much time to do it.

Have Hobbies Outside of Software

Hobbies are a great way to take our minds outside of work, so we should have some so we can learn something outside and take our break from work.

The last thing we want to do is thinking about work every day of the week. Therefore, it’ll help us avoid burnout.

Don’t Be Opinionated on Technology Choices

We should have too much bias about what technologies or programming ideology to use.

Preaching is going to be annoying and ignorant, so we should keep an open mind and accept other people’s judgment.

Don’t Accept Bad Workplace Behavior

Bad workplace behavior like bullying, favoritism, sexism, racism, are all unacceptable.

Also, make sure that we all get paid on time. If any of those things are happening, we need to find a new place and get away from the misery caused by bad behavior.

Automated Tests

Automated tests like unit tests and end-to-end tests are very helpful to check regressions so we should have them so we don’t deploy bad code to production.

Time Management

We only got a finite amount of time in a day, so we got to manage them properly so that we can all get higher priority things done and then go down the list by priority.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are just as important as hard skills. We’ve to work with other people so we’ve to make sure that we work with them well so that we get stuff done together.

Communication is important so that everyone is can work together and not misunderstand what everyone else is doing.

Also, we may want to find new opportunities eventually, so it’ll also help if we have soft skills.

If we have a side business, then we need sales and customer skills even more. There’s just no way to get around doing that ourselves at the beginning.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Never give up on anything. We just have to change so that we can gain success in some other way.

We just find what sticks and then double down on that. Nothing about success is going to be easy.


We should never give up on anything until we get success. Pivoting is the way to change until we find something that sticks.

Also, we shouldn’t be opinionated in technology or accept bad behavior in workplaces.

Keeping a social media presence online will also help us in the future.

By John Au-Yeung

Web developer specializing in React, Vue, and front end development.

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