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How to Delete a Client-Side Cookie with JavaScript?

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Sometimes, we may store cookies on the client-side to keep track of things on the user’s device.

And sometimes, we want to delete cookies from the user’s browser.

In this article, we’ll look at how to delete a client-side cookie with JavaScript.

Create Our Own Function

Browsers don’t comes with any API to let us delete cookies easily.

Therefore, we’ve to create our own function to delete cookies from a user’s browser.

To do this, we write:

const getCookie = (name) => {
  return document.cookie.split(';').some(c => {
    return c.trim().startsWith(name + '=');

const deleteCookie = (name, path, domain) => {
  if (getCookie(name)) {
    document.cookie = name + "=" +
      ((path) ? ";path=" + path : "") +
      ((domain) ? ";domain=" + domain : "") +
      ";expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:01 GMT";

document.cookie = 'foo=bar'

We create the getCookie function to check for a cookie with the given name value.

We do that by splitting the document.cookie string by the semicolon.

Then we call startsWith on the split string with the name and equal sign to check if there’s a cookie with the given key.

Next, we define the deleteCookie function that checks if the cookie with the given key exists with getCookie .

If it does, then we add a expires date and time to the end of the string by appending:

";expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:01 GMT"

to it.

The way to delete a cookie is to set its expiry date to a date and time before the current date and time.

Therefore, when we set the cookie in the 2nd last line and call deleteCookie with the same key right after, we won’t see the cookie being set since it’s added and removed immediately after.


We can delete a client-side cookie from the user’s browser by setting the expiry date of the cookie with the given key to a date and time before the current date and time.

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