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How to Insert a Row in an HTML Table Body in JavaScript?

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Sometimes, we want to insert a row in an HTML table body with JavaScript.

In this article, we’ll look at how to insert a row in an HTML table body with JavaScript.

Call the insertRow and insertCell Methods

JavaScript DOM API has the insertRow method built into the tbody element.

And it also has the insertCell method built into the tr element.

insertRow lets us insert a new table row.

And insertCell method lets us insert a new cell into a table row.

For instance, if we have the following HTML:

<table id="myTable">
      <th>My Header</th>
      <td>My footer</td>

We can write:

const tbodyRef = document.getElementById('myTable').getElementsByTagName('tbody')[0];

const newRow = tbodyRef.insertRow();
const newCell = newRow.insertCell();
const newText = document.createTextNode('new row');

We have a table, with the tbody element inside.

Then to get the tbody , we call getElementId to get the table.

Then we call getElementsByTagName to get the tbody element.

Next, we call insertRow on the tbody element to create a new tr.

And then we call insertRow on the newly created tr .

Next, we call document.createTextNode to create a new text node for the table cell content.

And then we call newCell.appendChild to append the newText text node.

Now we should see ‘new row’ before the footer.


We can use methods built into tbody and tr DOM objects to insert new table rows and cells with JavaScript.

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