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How to calculate Time Difference Between Two Python Pandas Columns in Hours and Minutes?

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To calculate time difference between two Python Pandas columns in hours and minutes, we subtract them directly after converting the values to timestamps.

For instance, we write

import pandas
df = pandas.DataFrame(columns=['to','fr','ans']) = [pandas.Timestamp('2014-01-24 13:03:12.050000'), pandas.Timestamp('2014-01-27 11:57:18.240000'), pandas.Timestamp('2014-01-23 10:07:47.660000')] = [pandas.Timestamp('2014-01-26 23:41:21.870000'), pandas.Timestamp('2014-01-27 15:38:22.540000'), pandas.Timestamp('2014-01-23 18:50:41.420000')]

to create the df data frame with a few columns.

And then we assign timestamp values to the columns which we created with the Timestamp method.

And then we subtract the timestamps and convert them to the 'timedelta64[h]' type with astype.

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