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ReactJS – Does render get called any time “setState” is called?

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Yes, in React, the render() method of a component will be called any time setState() is called, triggering a re-render of the component.

When we call setState() with new state values, React schedules a re-render of the component.

During the re-render process, React will call the component’s render() method to generate the updated UI based on the new state and props.

This is how React ensures that the UI reflects the most recent state and props data.

It’s important to note that while setState() schedules a re-render, React may batch multiple setState() calls together for performance reasons.

This means that in some cases, multiple state updates may trigger only a single re-render of the component. However, regardless of whether multiple state updates are batched or not, each call to setState() will eventually lead to a call to render() to update the UI.

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