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Why does Prettier not format code in VS Code?

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If Prettier is not formatting our code in Visual Studio Code, there are several potential reasons and troubleshooting steps we can take:

Ensure Prettier is installed

Confirm that we have Prettier installed in our project.

We can do this by checking our package.json file or running npm list prettier in our terminal to see if it’s listed as a dependency.

Check Prettier extension

Make sure we have the Prettier extension installed in Visual Studio Code.

We can search for it in the extensions marketplace and install it if it’s not already.

Check Prettier configuration

Prettier may not format our code as expected if there are conflicts with our configuration. Ensure our Prettier configuration is correct and matches our preferences.

We can create a .prettierrc file in our project’s root directory or use other configuration options like prettier.config.js or settings in package.json.

Check VS Code settings

Verify our VS Code settings to ensure they allow Prettier to format our code. Open the settings (settings.json) and make sure the following settings are configured:

"editor.defaultFormatter": "esbenp.prettier-vscode",
"editor.formatOnSave": true

Check file associations

Sometimes, file associations might be misconfigured, preventing Prettier from formatting certain file types.

Check if the file type we are working with is associated with Prettier by default. We can adjust this in VS Code settings under “Files: Associations”.

Try manual formatting

Attempt to format our code manually using the “Format Document” command (Shift + Alt + F on Windows/Linux, Shift + Option + F on macOS).

If this works, it indicates that Prettier is installed and functioning but may not be configured to format automatically on save.

Restart VS Code

Sometimes, restarting Visual Studio Code can resolve formatting issues, especially if we’ve recently installed extensions or made configuration changes.

Check for conflicts with other extensions

Other extensions might interfere with Prettier’s functionality.

Try disabling other extensions temporarily to see if they are causing conflicts.

By following these steps, we should be able to diagnose and resolve any issues preventing Prettier from formatting our code in Visual Studio Code.

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