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How to escape single quotes in Python on a server to be used in JavaScript on a client?

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To escape single quotes in Python so that they can be safely used in JavaScript on the client-side, you can use the replace() method to replace each single quote with \'.

For example we write

python_string = "This is a string with a single quote: '"
escaped_string = python_string.replace("'", "\\'")

This will output:

This is a string with a single quote: \'

Now, you can safely use escaped_string in JavaScript code on the client-side without causing syntax errors due to unescaped single quotes.

Alternatively, if you’re passing Python variables to JavaScript code within a template (e.g., using Flask or Django), the template engine usually takes care of escaping characters properly.

For example, in Flask templates, you can use {{ python_string|tojson|safe }} to ensure proper escaping.

However, if you’re manually constructing JavaScript code strings in Python (which is generally not recommended due to potential security risks), you can still use the replace() method as shown above.

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