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How to parse JSON objects for HTML table with JavaScript?

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Parsing JSON objects and generating an HTML table dynamically with JavaScript involves iterating over the JSON data and constructing table rows and cells accordingly.

For example write the following:

Suppose you have a JSON object like this:

var jsonData = [
  { "name": "John", "age": 30, "city": "New York" },
  { "name": "Alice", "age": 25, "city": "Los Angeles" },
  { "name": "Bob", "age": 35, "city": "Chicago" }

You can generate an HTML table from this JSON data like this:

// Function to generate HTML table from JSON data
function generateTable(jsonData) {
    var table = document.createElement('table');
    var thead = document.createElement('thead');
    var tbody = document.createElement('tbody');
    var headRow = document.createElement('tr');
    // Add table header
    Object.keys(jsonData[0]).forEach(function(key) {
        var th = document.createElement('th');
        th.textContent = key;
    // Add table rows and cells
    jsonData.forEach(function(rowData) {
        var row = document.createElement('tr');
        Object.values(rowData).forEach(function(value) {
            var cell = document.createElement('td');
            cell.textContent = value;
    return table;

// Get the container element where you want to append the table
var container = document.getElementById('table-container');

// Generate the table and append it to the container

In this code, the generateTable() function takes the JSON data as input and creates an HTML table.

It first creates the <table>, <thead>, and <tbody> elements.

Then, it creates the table header (<th>) by iterating over the keys of the first object in the JSON data.

Next, it iterates over each object in the JSON array, creates a new table row (<tr>), and populates it with table cells (<td>) containing the values from the JSON object.

Finally, it appends the table to a container element in the HTML document.

Make sure to replace jsonData with your actual JSON data and table-container with the ID of the container where you want to append the table.

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