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How to Remove “OK” button from sweet alert dialog with JavaScript?

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To remove the “OK” button from a SweetAlert dialog using JavaScript, you can customize the SweetAlert options.

To do this we can write{
  title: 'Custom HTML title',
  html: 'I will close in <strong></strong> milliseconds.',
  timer: 2000,
  timerProgressBar: true,
  showConfirmButton: false, // Remove the "OK" button
  allowOutsideClick: false, // Prevent the dialog from closing by clicking outside
  allowEscapeKey: false // Prevent the dialog from closing by pressing the escape key

In this code, showConfirmButton: false removes the “OK” button from the SweetAlert dialog.

timer specifies the duration (in milliseconds) after which the dialog will automatically close.

timerProgressBar: true displays a progress bar indicating the remaining time before the dialog closes.

allowOutsideClick: false and allowEscapeKey: false prevent the user from closing the dialog by clicking outside or pressing the escape key, respectively.

Adjust the SweetAlert options according to your specific requirements.

This configuration will create a dialog that automatically closes after a specified duration without requiring any user interaction.

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