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My new book, Vue.js 3 By Example: Build eight real-world applications from the ground up using Vue 3, Vuex, and Vuetify, is going to be published by Packt.

vue 3 by example book

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Free and Affordable Books for Learning JavaScript

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Free Books

React Quick Guide

Short guide about React.

Topics include creating components, hooks, portals, refs, context API and more.


Vue Quick Guide

A short book to get started with Vue.

Topics include components, refs, animations, transitions, props, and more.


JavaScript Interview Questions You Must Know

Book with basic JavaScript interview questions.

Questions include basic operations, variables, functions, the DOM, and more.


Front End Developer Career Guide

Learn how to get a front end developer job easily.


Best of ES2016 and ES2017


Best of ES2018


Best of ES2019 and ES2020


Top Vue Packages


Performant JavaScript Best Practices


Practice JavaScript Project Ideas


React Tips


Vue Tips


JavaScript Unit Testing


Quick Guide to JavaScript Regular Expressions


Useful JavaScript APIs

A book that shows us how to use popular browser APIs.


Affordable Books (All on Amazon)

Some books are listed on the bestsellers list on Amazon

React Basics

A short book to get started with Vue.

Topics include components, refs, animations, transitions, props, React Router and more.

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Vue Basics

A short book to get started with Vue.

Topics include components, refs, animations, transitions, props, and more.

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Vue Router Basics

A short book about Vue Router.

Topics includes, routes, redirects, route guards, and more.

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Quick Guide to Material UI

A concise book on how to create Material design React apps.

Topics include how to create styles, and how to use built-in components like buttons, forms, modals, tables, and more.

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Short Guide to JavaScript

A basic guide to JavaScript.

Topics include variables, functions, operators, the DOM, async programming, and more.

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JavaScript Code Tips

A book with best practices about JavaScript.

Topics include naming, variables, comments, modules, and loops, async code, and more.

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Bootstrap 5 Basics

A book on the up and coming version of Bootstrap.

Topics include how to use components like buttons, forms, tables, styling and more.

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JavaScript Unit Test Best Practices

A book on how to properly write unit tests with JavaScript.

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Node.js Best Practices

Various best practices on how to write Node.js apps.

Topics include web apps, async code, modules, file manipulation and more.

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TypeScript Best Practices

A concise book on the basics of TypeScript.

Topics include static types, interfaces, type guards, union and intersection types, generics, and more.

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JavaScript Best Practices

A concise book on JavaScript best practices to follow.

Content include using modern features like let/const, class syntax, promises, and much more.

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Node GraphQL Basics

This book is a concise introduction to create Node GraphQL APIs.

We look at how to use the Express GraphQL and Apollo Server libraries with Express to build our API.

Also, we look at the basics of GraphQL like data types, queries, and mutations.

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DOM Manipulation Basics

A concise guide to DOM manipulation.

Once you read this guide, you’ll know how to create interactive web pages with ease.

Covers the basics like traversing the DOM tree, adding/removing elements, changing element styles

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Basic JavaScript Interview Questions

To get a job as a JavaScript developer, front end or otherwise, we need to nail the coding interview.

This is a book with the most basic JavaScript interview questions.

The explanations are concise so that you can definitely understand it.

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Refactoring JavaScript

This book various tips to improve our JavaScript code.

They include extracting methods, reducing coupling, inheritance, and more.

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TypeScript Basics

A concise book to introduce you to TypeScript.

The author will answer any questions you have with the book.

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Express Basics

A quick book about how to use the Express framework.

Topics include processing requests, returning responses, using middleware, best practices and more.

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Vue 3 Basics

A short book to get started with Vue 3.

Topics include components, refs, animations, transitions, teleport, provide and inject props, and more.

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Book Reviews Vue

Best Books for Learning Vue

Vue is an easy to learn framework.

However, online documentation often don’t cover everything that we need to master the framework.

Therefore, we can get some help with a few books.

Here are some good books that we can use to learn Vue.

Testing Vue.js Applications

This book covers everything we need to know about testing Vue apps, from creating the first test to testing Vuex and server side rendering.

It’s a very comprehensive book that goes through testing everything that we can think of in a Vue app.

This book provides us with many examples and provides clear explanations of everything that it covers.

Vue.js in Action

This book provides us with a gentle introduction of Vue.

It introduces us from the most basic concepts to concepts that let us build a whole app.

This book goes from introducing us to the most basic part of a Vue app to animations to Vuex and Vue Router.

It’s pretty much the guide that will let us master Vue in no time.

Practical examples are sprinkled throughout the book to help us understand the concepts outlined.

Fullstack Vue: The Complete Guide to Vue.js

Fullstack Vue: The Complete Guide to Vue.js is a book that introduces us to Vue.

In addition, it goes through examples that integrates with other apps like a back end app to provide us with an introduction to integrate Vue apps with other modules to build a complete system.

The book has lots of runnable code to let us poke around with to help us learn.

It covers the latest features.

It covers everything from the basics, to communicating with server APIs, and testing.

These 3 books provide us with a useful guide on how to build Vue apps from start to finish.

We can master it in no time.

Book Reviews

JavaScript Books That are Easy to Understand

JavaScript may be confusing for some people.

To make learning JavaScript easier, here are a few books to let make learning it easier.

The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript by Nicholas C. Zakas

This is a short book that’s focused on the ins and outs of the object oriented parts of JavaScript.

It focuses on data types, objects, constructors, and classes.

These are all the things that can trick even the most experienced developers.

This book makes learning these parts of JavaScript easy by giving us focus and explaining the concepts concisely and with simple examples.

JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming

Programming is useful for anyone. We can get a job with prorgramming skills or we can use the skill to program our own computers.

JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming provides us with a gentle introduction to programming that kids can understand.

Explanation of the concepts are easy to understand and simple.

The examples that are included are easy to follow and fun to try.

It’s a good book to learn JavaScript even for adults.

Book Reviews JavaScript

Best Books on Web Development

To become a good web developer, we got to read the best books on web development.

They’ll help us a lot, especially if we practice. The following books will help us a lot.

Fundamental Concepts for Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and much more!

This is a good book to introduce us to basic concepts in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It’s very simple and concise. The examples are easy to understand.

This book allows us to understand the most basic building blocks of web development in a flash.

Also, it gives us lots of tips and tricks so that we won’t fall into traps that most beginners fall into.

It also provides us with lots of exercises so that we can master web development quickly.

HTML & CSS, and JavaScript & JQuery

This is another good book on the basics of web development.

It also has chapters on jQuery as a bonus. This is great since jQuery allows us to do more than just JavaScript alone.

Many web apps still use jQuery so we might as well learn it.

This book provides us with all the explanation and examples we need to learn the basics of web development.

It uses a visual approach, which means lots of diagrams, infographics, and photographs to help us learn the ropes.

You Don’t Know JS Series

This is a series of books that we can use to learn the basic and advanced concepts in JavaScript.

If we learn JavaScript thoroughly, we’ll be much better developers as we write better code and work faster.

This book explains the concepts, and also emphasizes how we can avoid the pitfalls of JavaScript.

It has sections about scopes, which is important for writing bug-free code.

Functions are also a topic that this book covers a lot.

Another thing that this book covers are synchronous and asynchronous tasks, which are used everywhere in JavaScript.

Object-oriented programming is also discussed in great detail.

These books are very affordable and will pay for itself many times over if you become proficient developers.