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Mobile Development with Ionic and React — Lifecycles and Routes

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If we know how to create React web apps but want to develop mobile apps, we can use the Ionic framework.

In this article, we’ll look at how to get started with mobile development with the Ionic framework with React.

Lifecycle Methods in Functional Components

Ionic for React comes with its own lifecycle hooks.

They include the useIonViewDidEnter, useIonViewDidLeave , useIonViewWillEnter , and useIonViewWillLeave hooks.

The useIonViewDidEnter hook is run when the ionViewDidEnter event is triggered.

It’s called every time the view is visible.

useIonViewDidLeave is called when the ionViewDidLeave event is triggered.

This event is triggered when the page is fully transitioned in.

Any logic that we might not normally do when the view is visible can go here.

The useIonViewWillEnter hook is called when ionViewWillEnter .

It’s called every time the component is navigated to.

The useIonViewWillLeave callback can be used to run cleanup code.

We can put them all in a component by writing:


import React from 'react';
import { IonButton, IonCol, IonContent, IonGrid, IonHeader, IonPage, IonRow, IonText, IonTitle, IonToolbar, useIonViewDidEnter, useIonViewDidLeave, useIonViewWillEnter, useIonViewWillLeave } from '@ionic/react';
import './Tab1.css';

const Tab1: React.FC = () => {
  useIonViewDidEnter(() => {
    console.log('ionViewDidEnter event fired');

  useIonViewDidLeave(() => {
    console.log('ionViewDidLeave event fired');

  useIonViewWillEnter(() => {
    console.log('ionViewWillEnter event fired');

  useIonViewWillLeave(() => {
    console.log('ionViewWillLeave event fired');

  return (
          <IonTitle>Tab 1</IonTitle>
      <IonContent fullscreen>
            <IonText>hello world</IonText>

export default Tab1;

React Navigation

We can add navigation to an Ionic React app with route components.

It comes with its own router to resolve the routes.

For example, we have:


import React from 'react';
import { Redirect, Route } from 'react-router-dom';
import {
} from '@ionic/react';
import { IonReactRouter } from '@ionic/react-router';
import { ellipse, square, triangle } from 'ionicons/icons';
import Tab1 from './pages/Tab1';
import Tab2 from './pages/Tab2';
import Tab3 from './pages/Tab3';

/* Core CSS required for Ionic components to work properly */
import '@ionic/react/css/core.css';

/* Basic CSS for apps built with Ionic */
import '@ionic/react/css/normalize.css';
import '@ionic/react/css/structure.css';
import '@ionic/react/css/typography.css';

/* Optional CSS utils that can be commented out */
import '@ionic/react/css/padding.css';
import '@ionic/react/css/float-elements.css';
import '@ionic/react/css/text-alignment.css';
import '@ionic/react/css/text-transformation.css';
import '@ionic/react/css/flex-utils.css';
import '@ionic/react/css/display.css';

/* Theme variables */
import './theme/variables.css';

const App: React.FC = () => (
          <Route path="/tab1" component={Tab1} exact={true} />
          <Route path="/tab2" component={Tab2} exact={true} />
          <Route path="/tab3" component={Tab3} />
          <Route path="/" render={() => <Redirect to="/tab1" />} exact={true} />
        <IonTabBar slot="bottom">
          <IonTabButton tab="tab1" href="/tab1">
            <IonIcon icon={triangle} />
            <IonLabel>Tab 1</IonLabel>
          <IonTabButton tab="tab2" href="/tab2">
            <IonIcon icon={ellipse} />
            <IonLabel>Tab 2</IonLabel>
          <IonTabButton tab="tab3" href="/tab3">
            <IonIcon icon={square} />
            <IonLabel>Tab 3</IonLabel>

export default App;

We have the Route components in the IonRouterOutlet to add our route components.

path has the URLs, component has the component to show when we reach the route. exact set to true means we match the exact URL.

Then to add navigation buttons, we add the IonTabButton components with the href prop set to the URL for the paths.


We can add lifecycle hooks and routes with Ionic React.

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