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How to Check if a Div Does Not Exist with JavaScript?

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To check if a div does not exist with JavaScript, we can check if the document.getElementById or document.querySelector returns a null value.

For instance, we can write:

if (!document.getElementById("given-id")) {
  console.log('not exist')

if (!document.querySelector("#given-id")) {
  console.log('not exist')

We have 2 if statements.

The first one calls document.getElementById to check if an element with the ID given-id exists.

The 2nd one calls document.querySelector to do the same thing.

They both log 'not exist' since they don’t exist.

Also, we can write:

if (document.getElementById("given-id") === null) {
  console.log('not exist')

if (document.querySelector("#given-id") === null) {
  console.log('not exist')

to do the same thing by checking explicitly if null is returned.

We should get the same result as before the elements with ID given-id doesn’t exist.

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