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How to Split a String Once in JavaScript?

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To split a string once in our JavaScript code, we can use the JavaScript string’s indexOf method with the JavaScript string’s slice method to find the index of the first instance of the separator and then do the slicing.

For instance, we can write:

const s = "1|Ceci n'est pas une pipe: | Oui";
const i = s.indexOf('|');
const splits = [s.slice(0, i), s.slice(i + 1)];

We have the s string that we want to split by the first | .

Then we call indexOf with '|' to get the index of the first instance of the | symbol.

Next, we call slice with 0 and i to get the substring before the first | .

And likewise, we call slice with i + 1 to get the part after the first | .

We then put both substrings into the splits array.

Therefore, splits is:

["1", "Ceci n'est pas une pipe: | Oui"]

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