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How to Convert CSV to JSON in Node.js?

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To convert CSV to JSON in our Node.js apps, we can use the csvtojson library.

To install it, we run:

npm i csvtojson

Then we if have the following in sample.csv :


then we can convert the CSV file content into a JSON object by writing:

const csv = require("csvtojson");
const csvFilePath = './sample.csv'

const convertToJson = async (csvFilePath) => {
  const jsonArrayObj = await csv().fromFile(csvFilePath)


We have the convertToJson function that takes a csvFilePath .

Then we call csv().fromFile with it to convert the CSV file content into a JSON object and assign that to jsonArrayObj .

As a result, jsonArrayObj is:

  { a: '1', b: '2', c: '3', d: '4' },
  { a: '5', b: '6', c: '7', d: '8' }

when we call it.

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