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How to Calculate Age from the Date of Birth Using jQuery?

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To calculate age from date of birth using jQuery, we can use native JavaScript date methods.

For instance, we can write the following HTML:



Then we write:

const dt = new Date();
dt.setFullYear(dt.getFullYear() - 18);

$('div').text((dt.getTime() - new Date(1990, 5, 6).getTime() < 0) ? "Under 18" : "Over 18");

to create the dt date object with that we set to 18 years before today.

Then we call text with dt.getTime() — new Date(1990, 5, 6).getTime() < 0) ? “Under 18” : “Over 18” to check if the date is after the day that’s 18 years before today with:

dt.getTime() — new Date(1990, 5, 6).getTime() < 0

If it is, then we set the div’s text to 'Under 18' .

Otherwise, we set it to 'Over 18' .

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