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How to Convert a JavaScript Object to an Array?

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To convert a JavaScript object to an array, we can use the Object.entries method to get the key-value pairs from the object into an array.

Then we can use the JavaScript array’s map method to return each entry in an array.

For instance, we can write:

const input = {
  "fruit": ["mango", "orange"],
  "veg": ["carrot"]

const output = Object.entries(input).map(([key, val]) => {
  return {
    type: key,
    name: val


We have the input object that has several properties.

Then we call Object.entries with input to return an array of key-value pair arrays.

Next, we call map with a callback that destructures the key-value pair from the parameter and return an object with the key and val set as values of the object.

Therefore, output is:

    "type": "fruit",
    "name": [
    "type": "veg",
    "name": [

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