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How to List All Bindings of an Element with jQuery?

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To list all bindings of an element with jQuery, we can use the _data method.

For instance, if we have the following input:


Then we can write:

const input = $('input')
input.bind('click', () => {})
input.bind('input', () => {})
$.each($._data($(input)[0], 'events'), (i, e) => {
  console.log(i, e);

to get the input with $('input').

Then we add the event handlers with:

input.bind('click', () => {})
input.bind('input', () => {})

Next, we get the event handler bindings with:

$._data($(input)[0], 'events')

Then we use the $.each method to loop through the bindings returned by $._data.

In the callback, i is the event name string and e has the event data,

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