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How to do fuzzy match merge with Python Pandas?

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To do fuzzy match merge with Python Pandas, we can use the fuzzymatcher library.

To install it, we run

pip install fuzzymatcher 

Then we use it by writing

from fuzzymatcher import link_table, fuzzy_left_join

df1 = pd.DataFrame({'Col1':['Microsoft', 'Google', 'Amazon', 'IBM']})
df2 = pd.DataFrame({'Col2':['Mcrsoft', 'gogle', 'Amason', 'BIM']})

left_on = ["Col1", "Col2"]
right_on = ["Col2", "Col2"]

fuzzymatcher.link_table(df1, df2, left_on, right_on)

to create 2 dataframes df1 and df2.

Then we call the fuzzymatcher.link_table method to merge df1 and df2 on the columns listed in left_on and right_on.

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