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How to receive email in Node.js?

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To receive email in Node.js, we use the mailin module.

To install it, we run

npm install --save mailin

Then we write

const mailin = require("mailin");

  port: 25,
  disableWebhook: true,

mailin.on("authorizeUser", (connection, username, password, done) => {
  if (username === "johnsmith" && password === "mysecret") {
    done(null, true);
  } else {
    done(new Error("Unauthorized!"), false);

mailin.on("startMessage", (connection) => {

mailin.on("message", (connection, data, content) => {

to call mailin.start to start watching for emails.

And then we call on to listen for the 'authorizeUser', 'startMessage' and 'message' events.

The authorizeUser event is emitted when a user logs in.

The message event handler has the messages stored in data.

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