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How to fix A component is changing an uncontrolled input of type text to be controlled error in ReactJS?

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The “A component is changing an uncontrolled input of type text to be controlled” error in React typically occurs when you’re trying to switch an input field from uncontrolled to controlled, or vice versa, during runtime. This usually happens when you initially render an input without setting its value prop, but then later you try to control its value using state.

To fix the issue we can do the following:

Ensure Initial State for Controlled Inputs

If you intend to control the input’s value using state, make sure to initialize the corresponding state variable in your component’s state. Set the initial value to an empty string or any default value that makes sense for your application.

constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
        inputValue: '' // Initialize the state variable for input value

Set the Value Prop Correctly

Once we have initialized the state variable, ensure that you’re providing the correct value for the value prop of the input field. This value should be taken from the component’s state.

<input type="text" value={this.state.inputValue} onChange={this.handleInputChange} />

Handle Input Changes Properly

Make sure wehave an onChange handler that updates the state whenever the input value changes.

handleInputChange = (event) => {
    this.setState({ inputValue: });

Check for Conditional Rendering

If we are conditionally rendering the input field, ensure that it’s always rendered with the same value prop type (controlled or uncontrolled) based on the condition.

Avoid Mixing Controlled and Uncontrolled Inputs

Consistently use either controlled or uncontrolled inputs throughout your component. Mixing them can lead to confusion and errors.

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