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How to fix Error “Import Error: No module named numpy” on Windows with Python?

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If we are encountering the error “ImportError: No module named numpy” on Windows with Python, it typically means that the NumPy library is not installed in our Python environment.

To fix this error, we need to install NumPy. Here’s how we can do it:

1. Using pip

Open our command prompt or terminal and run the following command to install NumPy using pip, Python’s package manager:

pip install numpy

This command will download and install NumPy and its dependencies from the Python Package Index (PyPI).

2. Using Anaconda

If we are using Anaconda as our Python distribution, we can install NumPy using the following command:

conda install numpy

This command will install NumPy using Anaconda’s package manager.

After installing NumPy, we should no longer encounter the “ImportError: No module named numpy” error when trying to import it in our Python scripts.

If we’ve already installed NumPy but are still encountering the error, it’s possible that Python is unable to locate the installed packages.

In such cases, we may need to verify our Python environment and ensure that it’s properly configured to find the installed packages.

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