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How to create A Blank HTML Space On The Fly with JavaScript?

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To create a blank HTML space dynamically using JavaScript, you can create an empty HTML element such as a <div> or a <span> and then append it to the document.

To do this we can write something like

// Create a new empty div element
var blankSpace = document.createElement('div');

// Set its style to create space = '100px'; // Set the desired width = '100px'; // Set the desired height

// Optionally, set other styles like background color, border, etc. = 'lightgray'; = '1px solid black';

// Append the blank space to the document body or any other parent element

In this example, a <div> element is created dynamically with a specified width and height.

You can adjust the width, height, and other CSS properties to customize the appearance of the blank space according to your requirements.

You can also use a <span> element or any other HTML element depending on your use case.

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