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How to stop setInterval with JavaScript?

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To stop a setInterval function in JavaScript, you can use the clearInterval function, passing it the ID returned by the setInterval function.

To do this, we write:

// Start the setInterval function and save the ID returned by it
var intervalID = setInterval(myFunction, 1000); // Replace myFunction with your actual function and 1000 with the desired interval in milliseconds

// Stop the setInterval function using clearInterval

In this example, we start the setInterval function by calling setInterval(myFunction, 1000).

Replace myFunction with the function you want to execute repeatedly and 1000 with the desired interval in milliseconds (in this case, 1000 milliseconds or 1 second).

The setInterval function returns an ID that identifies the interval timer. We save this ID in a variable called intervalID.

To stop the interval, we call clearInterval(intervalID) and pass it the intervalID variable.

This will stop the execution of the function passed to setInterval at the specified interval.

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