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The Best Books on JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming

Eloquent JavaScript is a great book for introduction to JavaScript.

It’s a book that starts with the basics by introducing us to expressions and statements.

Then it goes into the data types and syntax of the language.

Next, it discusses the object oriented parts of JavaScript.

Also, it outlines how to do DOM manipulation to make JavaScript programs that manipulate web pages dynamically.

It also has a brief introduction to the HTML canvas.

And it touches on how to make requests so that we can make apps that can communicate over the Internet.

Moreover, it touches on async programming so that we can write speedy apps that can do a lot.

It does a great job explaining all of those topics with easy to understand examples and many practice exercises to do of the work on to master JavaScript.

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JavaScript: The Good Parts

This book highlights the good parts of JavaScript.

It goes through the best syntax of JavaScript. Then it discusses the best object-oriented features of JavaScript.

Also, it outlines the best features of JavaScript functions, arrays, and regular expressions.

It also provides plenty of guidance on how to write good JavaScript code.

It’s concise and easy to understand, and it’s a good book to learn how to write good code with JavaScript.

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JavaScript: Best Practice

JavaScript: Best Practice is a good that explains how to use the best syntax of JavaScript.

It includes the most up to date features of JavaScript, like destructuring, spread and rest, async and await, and more.

Also, it shows us good design patterns that we should adopt in to build JavaScript programs in an maintainable manner.

It has a section on how to improve performance in our JavaScript apps, which not every book covers.

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Essential TypeScript: From Beginner to Pro

Essential TypeScript: From Beginner to Pro by Adam Freeman starts from the basics of JavaScript and TypeScript and how to use various features with them.

It starts with basic syntax of JavaScript and the JavaScript features that TypeScript enhances.

Then it goes through how to set up a TypeScript project from scratch with the TypeScript compiler.

Also, it has a dedicated section on how to tesrt and debug TypeScript projects.

Then it goes into how to define and use basic data types with TypeScript.

It then show us how to use object-oriented features like classes, interfaces, generic types, object types, and more.

It also has several chapters to show us how to build apps with various frameworks with TypeScript.

Freeman shows us how to build apps with TypeScript and React, Angular or Vue.

The practical examples in those chapters are practical and will help you a lot with building high quality front end apps.

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