Ways to Make Money as a Developer — Apps, Games, and Subscriptions

Software development is a great skill to have in the modern world.

We can take advantage of it by making money in multiple ways.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways we can make money as a developer.

Create Your Own Apps

With your programming skills, you can create your own apps easily.

Just create a prototype version and let people test to see if they want it.

If people want it, then double down and finish the apps.

Now you got something that you can sell.

API Programming

If you know back end technologies like AWS or Azure well, then you’re a great asset to lots of people.

Back end is complex, so any expertise is welcome by companies.

This is something that will get anyone money if they know it well.

However, there’re many parts to these cloud services, so mastering them all is going to be a long journey.

Get Social

It’s time to get social if you want more opportunities.

As a developer, you can help lots of developers with your experience.

Many people get stuck on problems that you can answer.

They may ask on social media or on forums like Stack Overflow.

If you appear enough times, they’ll know you exist.

Paid Guest Posts

There’re some websites that’ll pay people to guest post on there.

As developers, you can contribute technical articles to these sites.

They include:

  • ($350–600)
  • Honey Badger ($500+)
  • Twilio ($500)
  • Digital Ocean ($300/$400)
  • Log Rocket (up to $350)
  • Real Python (up to $300)
  • Linode ($100/$300+)
  • Hasura ($100-$300)
  • Code Tuts+ ($100–250)
  • Smashing Magazine (up to $200)
  • GitLab (up to $200)
  • Scotch ($150)
  • Soshace ($100)
  • SitePoint (~$100)

Some of these are harder to get accepted than others.

But you can try them all and see how far you get.

The quantity of work must be good.

And you should submit original articles to these sites.

Write Games

You can write games to make money as a developer.

Games are harder to write than apps, so they’ll take more time.

Like writing apps, you should test the waters with your game by building a prototype before building a full version.

If people like it, then build a full version.

You can provide premium features like purchases and currencies.

Also, you can launch a paid version or sell merchandise in your game.


Selling subscription services is another way to make money.

You can have a paid section in your blog or course.

Or you can add paid sections to your app or game.


You can create apps, sell subscriptions, or sell games to make money as a developer.


Ways to Make Money as a Developer — Selling and Promoting

Software development is a great skill to have in the modern world.

We can take advantage of it by making money in multiple ways.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways we can make money as a developer.

Sell Swag

You can sell swag to customers.

If they’re interesting, then people may buy it.


A newsletter is something that lets you keep in touch with your audience.

You collect emails from people that are interested in you and you can send out newsletters regularly to keep them looking at useful information and promotions you send out.


Software development is an expertise that not everyone has.

Therefore, there’s a market for people that needs your help.

They may need help with some programming problems and other things.

If you can help people and they know you exist, then you will get the opportunity to make money with coaching.

Trading Bot

If you’re interested in trading various securities, you can automate trading with your own bot.

If you’re confident about it, then you can let it sit and make money for you.

Of course, trading always has risks, so you don’t want to let it run without watching it.

Paid Coding Challenges

If you’ve mastered programming, then you can join coding challenges like hackathons, bug hunts, and more and make money.

Of course, to make money, you have to win.

So this isn’t the most reliable source of income out there.

But if you like to solve hard problems, the paid coding challenges are what you’re looking for.


With the income you get from programming, it’s a good idea to invest them since accruing interest means you get more income.

Now you can buy and sell various things like ETFs, mutual bonds, stock, etc. without a broken.

However, now you have to be informed of their risk and potential reward before putting money on them.

Sell Templates and CMS Plugins

You can sell templates for popular content management systems like WordPress or Joomla.

Many people can’t code and want a customized website.

They’ll buy WordPress themes put them on their site.

If your theme does what they want, then you’ll get their business.

You can sell your theme on Theme Forest.

Also, you can sell WordPress plugins in the same way.

Sell Development Services

You can sell development services.

It’s probably easier to have a web presence and promote yourself wherever you can.

This way, people know you exist.

The best way to promote is to help people online.

You can put up free content online to help people.

They’ll appreciate you and will find you.

If you have lots of money, you can also promote your services with ads.

However, the risk of this is bigger since the cost per click of an ad that promotes your service will probably be high.


You can sell stuff online, promote your services, and sell CMS themes and plugins to make money as a developer.


Ways to Make Money as a Developer — Job and Beyond

Software development is a great skill to have in the modern world.

We can take advantage of it by making money in multiple ways.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways we can make money as a developer.

Get a Developer Job

Getting a developer job is an obvious way to make money.

There’re many kinds of developers you can be.

Popular choices include:

  • mobile developer
  • front end developer
  • back end developer
  • full stack developer
  • embedded developer
  • database developer

and many more.

They’re all high paying and there’re lots of demand since not everyone can do everything.

Also, there’s a lot of flexibility.

You can work as an employee or freelance and make money.

This means there’s a possibility that you can work anywhere or with multiple clients.

Sell Digital Products

You can easily sell digital products teaching people development skills.

We can sell products like ebooks, courses, videos, etc.

There’re many things you can teach like web development, database, mobile development, and more.

Amazon KDP is a great choice for publishing ebooks.

You have access to a big market and it has an ad platform built in so that you can build ads to promote your book.

This is something that isn’t available on all platforms.

Other websites you can sell digital products include Gumroad or your own website.


Lots of people are making money by selling their own SAAS.

SAAS is a software as a service.

You can make something that people want to use and sell it.

It’s easy to gauge what people need by building minimum viable products in a few weeks and get the feedback.

Also, we can promote it with ads to get more traffic to it.

Host Your Own Website

We can host your own website and put ads on it.

Your website should help people.

With your developer skills, you can help people with lots of things.

You can put tutorials on your own website and put ads and make money.

AdSense can make you some money, but premium ad providers like Ezoic, MediaVine, AdThrive, etc., will make you a lot more money.

Also, affiliate links can be put on your own website, and you make money when viewers click on your link and order stuff from your website.

Your site can also host sponsored content. You partner with sponsors to promote their content.

And of course, you can promote your own products like ebooks and video courses on your site.


Books are something you can write to make money.

As a developer, you got a lot to share with others.

You can write tutorials to teach people development skills.

They change all the time so you won’t run out of ideas.

Also, you can publish them in various formats like eBooks or physical books.

You can also approach traditional publishers with your book idea and write about them.

There isn’t a lot of competition for writers who are also developers, so there’s a decent that traditional publishers like Packt and O’Reilly will accept your book.

This is something that’s different from other genres which have lots of competition like fiction or self-help.


As a developer, there’re many ways to make money.


Ways to Make Money as a Developer — Videos, Job Boards, and More

Software development is a great skill to have in the modern world.

We can take advantage of it by making money in multiple ways.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways we can make money as a developer.

YouTube Channel

You can shoot videos teaching people how to write apps and how to do other popular development tasks.

This is something that has fewer competitions like travel videos since software development is an exclusive skill that not everyone can master.

You can live code or shoot prerecorded videos.

Prerecorded videos can be sold.

With YouTube, you can sell ads through AdSense if you have enough people.

Of courses, you can sell ad spaces in your own videos instead of using Google ads.

Also, you can promote affiliate products and promote your own products in your videos.

Shooting videos is hard work and takes lots of work to succeed, so this may not be the best option if you want to make money fast.

However, if you’re known on the Internet, then more opportunities will come for you.

Online Courses and Programs

This is like shooting YouTube, except that you’re organizing the videos into a course.

Also, you may want to create a book only courses instead of book and video courses.

Live Streams

You can live stream yourself coding or doing some kind of webinar.

This can be done in Twitch or YouTube.

There’s less competition than other kinds of live streams since being able to live code means you can code mostly on top of your head.

This is not something many people can do.

Live code sessions also have discussions on the side to engage your audience more.

In your stream, you can ask for donations and you can ask for sponsorships to make money.

Open Source Projects

This is also not something everyone can do, so the competition is definitely lower.

You can create an open-source project or work on an existing one.

As long as you make something useful to other people, people will notice.

In the process, you can get donations or sponsorships.


Patreon is a donation platform where people can donate to you.

If you contribute something useful, people will donate to your eventually.

However, this is not something that’ll happen often until you get a very large audience.

So you may have to find more reliable ways to make money.

Create Your Own Job Board

Since you have development skills, you can create your own job board and employers can buy posting space on your site.

Each posting usually cost a few hundred bucks, so you can make money fast if you have lots of postings.

Ads may help you here to promote your job board so employers and prospective employees can notice your job board.


There’re many channels you can gain exposure for yourself and make money online as a developer.


Becoming a Productive Developer With Source Control and Debugger

Building software requires some basic tools. To build software, we’ll have to use source control and debuggers to track our changes and debuggers to help us step through our code to debug them.

In this article, we’ll look at why and how we should use source control and debuggers.

Source Code Control

We need to check in our code to source control systems so that code change history can be tracked.

This makes reverting our code easy if anything goes wrong.

It’s also very good for letting people review our code since people can see what we changed and compare them.

Also, we can use it to merge people’s code together easily. There’s just no alternative way to merge different people’s code together in a systematic way if there are no source control systems to control the merges.

It’s also great since we know who worked on which piece of the code so we can get help on that part of the code from that person if needed.

Furthermore, source control systems let people branch code so that different people can work on different copies of the same code base and apply their own changes.

Once they’re done, then they can merge their changes in after it’s been reviewed.

Always Use Source Control

With all the benefits that source control systems brings, we should definitely use them whether we work by ourselves or within a team.

If we’re working by ourselves, we can track our own change history and revert code to a previous state from the change history if needed.

If we work on a team, then we use the undo feature plus, we can merge things from different branches in an easy, systematic way.

When 2 branches have code that conflicts with each other, then we can fix them with the built-in programs to diff and merge changes by fixing them ourselves.

Another good thing about source control systems is that some systems like Git are distributed.

This means that one copy of the repository is stored remotely in some server outside our computed, mostly remotely, and the other is stored locally.

It a repository is stored in a remote Git host, then we can treat that as a backup.

Source Control and Builds

Source control systems create the possibility to create automatic and repeatable builds.

A computer can automatically check out the code and then build it with an automated system of some kind.

Also, we can run regression tests automatically on that computer to make sure that our code didn’t break anything.

It’s repeatable because we can always check out the code and rebuild the code to create a new build artifact.

Therefore, it’s time to use control. There’s just no excuse not to use them for any sized project.


To make our lives easier when we run into issues with our code, we should use a debugger to see what’s wrong.

With a debugger, we can run each line of the code with the debugger and check the values of the variables that are in each step.

Then we can easily see what’s going on in each line of the code.

With that, we’ll see what happens to our code in no time.

In the end, debugging is just problem solving, so we should attack it as such.

It’s not good to blame people. Instead, we should help each other instead of blaming others.

It’s easy to panic if we’re rushed or have a nervous boss or client breathing down our necks.,

However, panicking is just going to make matters worse. We just got to calm down and ignore everyone.

We shouldn’t eliminate any possibility until they can be proven that they can be eliminated.

This way, we won’t ignore anything. For instance, the error that takes the longest to fix may be a simple typo because we have overlooked it when we’re debugging.


Source code control is a must so that we can revert code easily. Also, it lets us work from a branch of the code instead of working on the code itself.

Also, we should use a debugger to debug, don’t panic and don’t eliminate any possibility when we’re trying to find the cause of a bug.