More Reasons Why Developers Should Blog

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Blogging is a way to share what we learn with others.

In this article, we’ll look at why developers should keep a blog.

Become a Better Writer

By writing on our blogs repeatedly, we’ll become better writers. The more we write and adapt to better writing habits, we can become better writers.

Better writers are better communications and that’ll bring us more and better opportunities in the long run.

Explaining Things to Others is the Best Way to Learn

There’s no question that explaining things to others is the best way to learn.

We get to do research on our topics that we’re writing about and we have to be able to produce our own examples for any technical topic we’re writing about to explain our points.

Also, we’ve to able to explain the different aspects of the technologies ourselves.

If we learn enough to explain to others without looking through online resources, then we know that we’re proficient at what we’ve learned.

Blogging will let us internalize our knowledge by writing about it and practicing by producing examples as we explain the technologies in our blog.

Create a Discussion and Learn New Things from That

We can create a discussion based on our blog and engage with our audience.

If our blog has an audience then we’ll get a discussion going in no time.

And from the discussion, we learn new things from that. This is a win-win situation. We know that our blog has engagement from the audience, which is good.

Also, we can learn new things from the discussions that we’re raising by posting our blog posts.

Present Our Own View On a Topic

Even the topic we’re writing about already had lots of people writing on it, we can still write about it since people will appreciate new views on our existing topic.

As long as we aren’t copying someone else’s work directly, it’s fine to write on a topic that many people have written about before.

We all have our own style and we can present new angles on the same topic that people have written about before by presenting our own view on it.

Therefore, we should write our own pieces on a topic despite many people writing about them already.

Read More and More for Writing a Blog

For most blog posts that we write, we have to do research so that we can write about them.

There’s just no way that we hold enough information and insights on our heads to write stuff to put into our blogs.

Therefore, we have to do lots of lots of research if we’re going to maintain a developer blog.

This makes blogging a great way to learn about whatever we’re writing about and absorb the knowledge by explaining and writing examples.

Educate Others

Educating others is a good reason to maintain our own developer blog. With it, we can help each other learn by providing our own views and insights to help us learn, which in turn helps other people learn.

There aren’t enough resources on developer topics, so getting readers is pretty much guaranteed if we keep maintaining and promoting our blog.

People will look at our stuff and learn them even though they might not be commenting on our blogs or be engaging with us.

They’ll find our stuff when they’re looking for help and some people will stumble on our blog and they get the help they need.


Blogging is a great hobby. It’s something that we can do for enjoyment. It’s a lost cost hobby as we can blog on sites like Medium or WordPress or web can pay a few bucks a month to blog in our own blog.

Both are great ways to spend time since we’ve to do lots of research and wire about stuff that we want to write about.


We can use blogging as a hobby. It’s a great hobby since it’s cheap or free to set up a blog.

Also, we’ll help people they don’t comment on us. If we keep our blog for long enough, someone will stumble onto our blog eventually.

Finally, we become better writers by practicing our writing skills by blogging and presenting our work in front of the audience worldwide.

By John Au-Yeung

Web developer specializing in React, Vue, and front end development.

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