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Useful Free APIs — Anime

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In the software development world, practice makes perfect. Therefore, we should find as many ways to practice programming as possible. With free public APIs, we can practice programming by creating apps that use those APIs.

In this article, we’ll look at some practice project ideas that can use some of those APIs.


There are many APIs we can use to access anime data for free.


The AniList API lets us get anime data all in one place.

It provides us with GraphQL API.

Like most GraphQL APIs, it comes with a sandbox to let us try the API.

Data that this provides include studios, reviews, activities, site statistics, and more.

It also lets us change data like follows, likes, activities, and more.

Rate limiting and pagination is provided for large data sets.

And authentication is done via OAuth.


The AnimeNewsNetwork API lets us get the latest anime news with its API.

We can get data in HTML or XML format.

Data provided includes manga details, animes series data, ratings, and more.

There is a usage rate limit imposed on this API, but authentication isn’t required.

Jikan API

The Jikan API API is a REST API that lets us get various anime and manga data in our apps.

We can get detailed data including person, character, search, seasons, schedules, genres, producers, magazines, clubs, and more.

It has a REST API, and it has client libraries for many runtime environments.

Wrappers for PHP, Python Ruby, .Net, Node.js, TypeScrtipt, and more are written by individual contributors.

There’s a rate limit for accessing this API.

Kitsu API

The Kitsu API is another API that lets us get anime data.

The data that’s provided by this API is similar to the Jikan API.

Data provided includes anime, manga, categories, streamers, posts, characters, media, and more.

OAuth authentication is required to access its data.


The MyAnimeList API is another anime and manga database and community.

With it, we can get anime and manga data from it.

OAuth authentication is required to access its data.

Studio Ghibli API

We can use the Studio Ghibli API to get various kinds of data about Studio Ghibli films.

They include data about the films, the people involved, locations of the films, vehicles, and more.

OAuth authentication is required to access its data.

What Anime

The What Anime API lets us get specific details from anime images.

We can upload an image to the API to let it scan for details.

We upload the image as a base64 string and it’ll return the data from it.

It also returns images and video previews for us to view.

It has a rate limit and searches quota.


We can get anime and manga data from various free APIs on the Internet.

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