The Ways to Become a Successful Developer

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Being a developer is hard. Not only we have to know technical skills, but we also have lots of soft skills that we’ve to get good at.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways that we can all become greater programmers.

Be Prepared to Change Code We Write

Changing the code we write is just part of software development. It’s normal that someone asks for changes. Requirements change and we can also change things in code review.

Code also have their own lifecycle so they may have to change if they’re no longer useful.

Have Our Team’s Back

Most of us work in a team. And it’s much better if we all have each other’s back rather than pointing fingers at each or fighting about things.

This way, we all have more positive feelings towards each other instead of pitting everyone against each other, which doesn’t make a very functional team.

Also, we can try new things without fear if we actually have each other’s back.

Place Value in Our Work

Our work always has value. Otherwise, the company won’t need us and we won’t have a job anymore.

Therefore, we should give it the value that it deserves.

Remove All Distractions

Distractions are annoying so they should be eliminated. Useless text messages, emails, social media, are all distracting and removes focus from our work at hand.

We’ll probably think about things more clearly if we have fewer distractions. Responding a bit slower is probably OK.

Test Our code

Testing our code is important since they probably don’t work the first try.

In addition, we should have automated tests like unit tests, integration tests, end to end tests, and more.

Then we’ll have fewer defects in our code.

Be Helpful

Being helpful to others is always important. Since most of us are working in teams, it doesn’t help if we don’t help each other.

Otherwise, it’s not a team. Rather we’re just a bunch of individuals working on the same thing.

Plan Before Doing Anything

Planning first is important so that we have a clear roadmap of whatever we’re doing.

If a feature we’re working on is complex, we probably also have to plan it out with other people so that we won’t run into problems in the future.

Write Pseudocode

Writing pseudocode is part of planning. It’ll help us with thinking about a solution to our problems.

It’ll also help us map out the cases that we’ll have to consider to implement the solution.

Also, it makes implementing the actual solution easier since we already have the pseudocode in front of us.

Learn the Fundamentals

This should be the first thing to do before being a developer. Also, we need to refresh fundamental knowledge once in a while.

Basic data structures like lists, arrays, and trees are worth reviewing since they’re used often.

Algorithms like sorting and searching are also used a lot, so we should keep those fresh in our minds.

It’s also good in case we ever need to look for a new job.

Choose Long-Lasting Technologies

Technologies that are mature and maintainable are probably good. This way, we won’t be faced with breaking changes for too long.

Also, we should make sure that they’re still being maintained before we’re using it.

Keep Track of Achievements

Achievements are the things that keep us going. Small wins are just as important as the big ones if not more important.

Small wins are the ones that can be achieved quickly and keep us going. Many of them together add up to big achievements.

This is one more reason to break things down into small pieces.

Learn Design Patterns

Design patterns are always useful since they’re standard solutions that have been tested with time.

We should learn basic ones like the factory pattern, facade pattern, and more so that we can use them readily when implementing solutions.

Eliminate Ambiguity

Ambiguous code is bad code. Therefore, we should eliminate them. Naming things with descriptive names help.

Also, we should break things down into small pieces like functions and classes and that we all can read and understand them easily.


Planning and test are important processes for developers. They help us develop good solutions by thinking everything through before doing them.

Also, testing is important so that we don’t break anything or introduce any issues to our code.

Keep track of small wins keeps us going in the long term.

By John Au-Yeung

Web developer specializing in React, Vue, and front end development.

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