Tips for Developer So We Can Last Longer

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Being a developer is hard. Not only we have to know technical skills, but we also have lots of soft skills that we’ve to get good at.

In this article, we’ll look at some ways that we can all become greater programmers.

Take Vacations

No one should feel guilty for taking a vacation. If we’re somewhat useful for our company and the company’s finance are good, we can probably stay.

Otherwise, it probably a good company to work for.

We all need a break so that we can recharge and do work with a fresh mind, which is faster and better than with a tired brain.

Take Breaks During the Day

Taking breaks during the day is important. Take walks and lunch breaks are definitely things that we should be doing during the day.

It’s just not good working the whole day without taking a break.

Track Our Progress

We’ve to get organized so that we can work faster. One way to organize ourselves is to track the progress of our tasks.

It feels good to see some progress during the day. Keeping achievements and progress visible to us is encouraging and makes us keeps going in the long term.

Don’t Be a One-Trick Pony

Learning multiple frameworks and libraries is important since we don’t how they’ll last or how long we’ll at the company that uses those frameworks or libraries.

If we learn more now, then we’ll know them before we need them in our current or next job.

Review Code

Reviewing other people’s code and letting people review our code will make us wiser.

Either way, it’ll expose us to other people’s styles and so we can learn something that we don’t know from them.

Other people that review our code will give us suggestions for us to improve. So either way, we’ll know things that we don’t before after code reviews.

Learn About Design and Marketing

Design and marketing are important parts of the business. Without marketing, there are no sales, and no sales mean no business.

Knowing design skills lets us empathize more with customers’ needs and help us do a better job when we’re working on user interfaces for users since will consider user experience before anything.

It’ll also make our user interfaces more polished than before.

Learn About Technical Skills That We Don’t Work With Regularly

At least learn a bit of the skill that we don’t work with often so we can work with them if we’re asked.

It just makes us more useful than people that don’t know the skills.

Choose the Right Technology for the Project

Choosing the right technology for the project is important even though it might not be the one that we’re most comfortable working with.

We should pick the right one for the project so that we won’t run into problems down the road if we try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Own Our Mistakes

We should own our mistakes and not blame others for our own wrongdoing.

It just makes people like us more not to point fingers, and it also builds trust among employees.

Review Our Own Code

Reviewing our own code is important for us to improve. We should think if we’re doing things properly and what comments would other people make if they see our code.

This way, we’ll have to make fewer changes later when someone actually reviews our code. It’s much better not to have too much back and forth.

Learning From Failures

Learning from failures will help us get better. We should think of ways to improve after something failed.

Then we can do differently next time and not make the same mistake.

Stay Curious

We should keep updating ourselves on new things since the computer industry changes all the time.

People are always making new hardware and software that may help us with our work.

Also, we can ask questions if we aren’t clear about something.


We got to keep learning from other people’s work and suggestions so that we can improve. Also, we should learn from our mistakes and failure so that we can keep improving ourselves.

Other skills that we don’t work with should also be learned so that we can get better and use them in case we need them in the future.

By John Au-Yeung

Web developer specializing in React, Vue, and front end development.

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